Apple wants your eyes to remain pure, goodbye 500px

Jan 1, 0001 - 2 minutes
This morning around 1AM Eastern Apple pulled the 500px app from their Appstore claiming it was too easy for users to find nude photos through the app. The current version of the app has been on the Appstore for months! 16 months since it was added to the Appstore, and in November (2012) there was an update to the interface, but the search components didn’t change, says their COO. Technically the claim is right, that you can search for nude images. Read more ...

Applied Security Visualization

Jan 1, 0001 - 2 minutes
[caption id=“” align=“alignleft” width=“160” caption=“Applied Security Visualization by Raffael Marty (Addison-Wesley)”][/caption] Raffael Marty is very excited about the visualization of security data, this fact shines out of every chapter of Applied Security Visualization. Raffael, cheif security strategist and senior product manager for Splunk, walks you through the collection, parsing, and displaying of security data for the purpose of learning what you can as fast as you can from your visualizations. Read more ...

Art of Assembly Language, 2nd Edition

Jan 1, 0001 - 2 minutes
I am always amazed at the books that No Starch Press suggests for us to review, and The Art of Assembly Language truly wasn’t even on my radar. When it was suggested to me I couldn’t resist the opportunity to break out of high level coding and dive into Assembly. Wikipedia says of Assembly: Assembly languages are a type of low-level languages for programming computers, microprocessors, microcontrollers, and other (usually) integrated circuits. Read more ...

Baby Got Back

Jan 1, 0001 - 1 minutes
Alright, so I have had this song for a while, and frankly I can’t get enough of it! So without further adieu here is Jonathan Coulton’s “Baby Got Back”: [audio:|titles=Baby Got Back] I love covers, and I love it when a cover is so far out of the park from the original, and I don’t think this could get any further from the original. To go the other direction I also present Throwdown performing the same song. Read more ...

Beginning Silverlight 2

Jan 1, 0001 - 3 minutes

[caption id=“” align=“alignleft” width=“125” caption=“Beginning Silverlight 2: From Novice to Professional”]Beginning Silverlight 2: From Novice to Professional[/caption]

In web development, it’s important to keep current on new and updated technologies to avoid falling behind in the field. As a designer-turned-coder, I enjoy reading about and following up on the latest tools available for design and interface programming. Having designed and programmed in Flash for almost 10 years now, I was excited to read this book and see how Microsoft was tackling Rich Internet/Interactive Applications.

The author, Robert Lair, starts out the book with an introduction to Silverlight and the benefits of building interactive applications using Silverlight and its related tools. After the brief introduction, the real work begins and the reader is quickly involved in writing Silverlight applications. Robert does a great job walking the reader through the various tools available while building each application, and each example builds on or incorporates the previous examples, effectively ‘stair-stepping’ the reader up to building their own Silverlight applications.

Read more ...

Bit by the Zune Bug

Jan 1, 0001 - 1 minutes
[caption id=“” align=“alignleft” width=“488” caption=“Image courtesy of”][/caption] If you haven’t seen the news Zune 30s are bricking all over the world today. I unfortunately was hit by this flaw in the Zune device too. Thanks to my buddy TagGerr a quick case cracking and battery unplugging later and my Zune was back to rocking some All That Remains for my listening pleasure. Thanks TagGerr! Update: Looks like Microsoft is aware of the problem and working on a fix. Read more ...

Book Review: Beginning BlackBerry Development

Jan 1, 0001 - 2 minutes
[caption id=“” align=“alignleft” width=“125” caption=“Beginning Blackberry Development”][/caption] When Apress asked me to review Beginning Blackberry Development I jumped at the chance, a free opportunity to learn more about Blackberry and their SDK and way of doing things. I also thought this a great chance to open myself to the world of mobile OS comparison, as I have been tinkering with Android over the last few weeks. The book arrived a few days later, and I dove right in. Read more ...